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That's me! Hello! There are lots of animals that get called 'worms', but I'm what's known as an earthworm. Not because I live on planet Earth, but because I live and work in the soil under the ground, which is what some people call the 'earth'.

I've got a posh scientific name as well -'Lumbricidea'. Fancy, eh? Hard to pronounce though, so just call me 'Little Worm'...

Not all of us are tiny, though! Here's a few huge ones!

Me and all the other worms are really good making the soil that the plants live in stay healthy. Without us, hardly anything would grow, so although we're quite humble little creatures, we're an important part of the natural world, or the ecosystem, as it's called. Lots of humans are fascinated by us earthworms. There's even a society devoted to us called The Earthworm Society of Britain! I'm a member myself!

Here's my friend Emma, who's the president of the society, talking on the telly, and explaining lots of fabulous worm facts...

One of the ways us worms help the soil is by eating up all the bits of old leaves and plants that end up everywhere like you can see in this video

You can help the environment yourself by building your very own worm farm. Earthworms like to eat up all the scraps of food that would otherwise get wasted... and turn them into nice rich soil! Here's how to make your own!

There's even an International Festival of Wormcharming in England, where lots of humans try all sorts of tricks to get us worms to come up to the surface. Whoever collects the most worms is the winner. It looks like a lot of fun! I'm hoping to go there one day myself...

I've got my very own facebook page. You can join me there, if you like!

See you later!