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Schlunke and Polyp

Schlunke's first name is Eva, and she did the
paintings of me for my book Little Worm's
Big Question.
She's done lots more paintings
of animals and things. You can see them here.

Eva was born in Australia, but she's also lived
in the Amazon Rainforest! She's now living in
a city called Manchester in England where it rains
all the time - which is good for worms!
I don't know Polyp's real name, but that's the one he uses to sign the
cartoons he draws for magazines like New Internationalist. It's also the
name of the tiny little creatures who build coral reefs!

He did all the drawings in the book and then gave them to Eva to paint on
top of. He likes to build things like puppets and giant models out of things
he finds lying around. (He's a bit of a recycler like me!) He's even making a
model of me, and I'll show it to you as soon as it's finished.

You can write to Schlunke & Polyp by email...