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Everyone thinks dinosaurs were the biggest animals ever, but they're wrong! Sure, the longest animals ever to exist were huge, now extinct ones like Diplodocus, which, from it's head to the end of it's thin, whip-like tail, was a colossal 25 metres in length!

But in terms of sheer weight and bulk, none of them were as heavy as the blue whale, weighing in at 170 tonnes or sometimes even more. A size like that is only possible for an animal that floats in the water, which carries a lot of it's weight for it. Because of this, when whales accidently get washed up on the shore, they can't move any more and die, without the water to support them.

Blue whales are amazing, and not just because of their size. Unlike fish, they breathe air, because they're actually mammals who've evolved to live in the water. They can go without taking in a breath for an incredible 20 minutes or more!

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It's a sad fact that humans hunted blue and other whales like it almost to extinction, because the oil and bones and meat in their bodies were so useful or profitable.

Almost 99% of the world's whales were killed during this time. But after lots of people protested about it, new laws were bought in during the 1960's and 70's that made it illegal to hunt them, and their numbers are now slowly increasing again.